Why is he called Spieling?

“Spiel” is defined as “A lengthy or extravagant speech or argument usually intended to persuade.” Because this particular Peter “spiels,” or talks a lot, he was given the nickname Spieling Peter. (credit to fyeahspielingpeter)

Who runs this blog?

 me , Noelle

Which DisneyLand is he at?

Anaheim Disneyland and CA Adventures.

Does he still work at DisneyLand?


How do you pronounce Spieling?


Where can you find un-edited versions of your pictures?

Mostly Google Images

How could he get in trouble for people posting his personal information?

That information can be found in < this > post

Who is this guy and how did he get so popular?

He is a professional actor. He works for DisneyLand and plays PeterPan. He is the most well known Peter Pan (they have other people play him). Alot people started liking him because of his personality, smile, hair, eyes, etc.

You haven’t answered my message yet?

Due to getting SO many messages. I had to put some in the queue.

How do you know so much about him?

Alot of anons, some other people, and sometimes research.

Can you give me the link to his tumblr?

Nope. I will not give out any of his personal information, and his tumblr is personal.